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Tiffany Studios
White Wisteria Table Lamp

Tiffany Studios  White Wisteria  Table Lamp 1
Tiffany Studios  White Wisteria  Table Lamp 1
Diameter: 18 inches
Height: 27 inches
American, circa 1902-03

An original Wisteria Table Lamp by Tiffany Studios, the leaded glass shade depicting alternating clusters of mottled white and pale green Wisteria blossoms which cascade from a series of openwork bronze branches at the crown, which originally served to ventilate the shade, to form a naturalistic irregular edge. The leaded Tiffany glass shade rests on a bronze Tree Trunk table base, the leading and bronze finish in a rich brown patina.

The Wisteria Lamp is one of a limited number of Tiffany lamp designs wherein the overall combination of the shade and base represents a flowering tree or vine. Both the shade and the base of this original Tiffany lamp are signed.

Designed at the turn of the twentieth century by Clara Driscoll, head of the Women's Glass Cutting Department at Tiffany Studios and perhaps the most famous of the "Tiffany Girls," the intricate Wisteria lamp, comprised of over 1,000 hand-cut pieces of Tiffany glass, was one of the most popular "Tiffany Lamps" produced by the firm from the outset of production.

Prized just as highly by today's Tiffany collectors, the Wisteria lamp remains an iconic example of Tiffany's design.