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TEFAF Online - November 1 - 4, 2020

Press Release

TEFAF New York is one of the highlights of the fall season - and this year, the show is coming to you.

TEFAF Online is an innovative digital marketplace. We are thrilled that Lillian Nassau was selected to participate in TEFAF Online, as one of 300 of the finest dealers from all over the world. The power of TEFAF is in the combined attraction of exhibiting dealers.

Each exhibitor will showcase only one work of art, a masterpiece which represents their expertise, following TEFAF’s tradition of presenting only the finest quality. The experience of attending the digital Fair will evoke much the same intensity of inspiration which would come from walking into a dealer’s gallery. With all the expertise together in an online platform, TEFAF Online is the first digital fair that showcases 7,000 years of art history.

TEFAF Online will be open from November 1-4, 2020.

To gain access to the fair, please visit or click here to register.

As a registered visitor you will have exclusive access to TEFAF Online. You can save bookmarks, see what everyone else is looking at, and start realtime conversations with exhibitors. Registered visitors will also have access to a series of “TEFAF Talks,” a series of conversations which will bring together international experts to offer timely perspectives on the history of display and collecting.